sven hauck

amonamen, dark tide, division, fandango remix, heliopause, horizon intercept, kannal, nam myoho renge kyo remix, no step, recombinate, response remix, rezin remix, stellar rock remix, shade obsidian, something dark, stellar rock remix, the cult of 3, the cult of three, the wait, weiter so

Born in a small town in Bavaria near the city of Nuernberg, Sven embarked on what was to be a lifetime of transitions from one part of the world to another. Life in one country lasted for several years until it was time to depart for the next. Cultures, languages, people, sounds...all changed often. Leaving everything behind was common, as all this was an intricate part of early life. However, there remained one constant, one thing alone Sven could rely on that served to fill any of the voids left With influences ranging from Depeche Mode, New Order, Front 242, Pink Floyd, & Tangerine Dream, Sven's desire for musical expression continues to take on a heavier emphasis on electronic elements whilst still retaining the musicality and richness of the composition.

In the early 90s, a friend lent him a mix tape of Sasha. Imbued with the early progressive sound, the music instantly left an impression in his mind. The eclectic blend of electronic sounds and rhythms seemed to be too good to be true. Traditional types of music faded in comparison to this new form. The possibilities seemed limitless. Technology served as the enabler that allowed him to break free of the confines of standard music composition techniques and it continues to play an integral role in his productions today. Digital signal processing, virtual studio technology, and outboard gear form the core of his studio and production methods. With releases on Babylon Records, Baroque Records, Dutchie Music, Groovecollection, and Influx Audio, Sven is always busy producing in his Amsterdam studio.

Sven continues to develop and refine his own style as shown by his remixes of original tracks by Claus von Klunk, C.O.U. Muzik, Fady Ferraye, Paul Sparkes & Edgar Duijff and Sasha Le Monnier. For the remainder of the year Sven will release more original tracks, collaborations with other artists and several mixes for internet radio so please stay tuned.